Meet Nuvita

This woman owned and run cannabis company is spinning the self-care industry towards the greater good of giving back. 


Since the beginning, we have been rooted in service. Every month we hand select a charity with a mission to end human trafficking. Most of these charities direct their energy to raising public awareness for preventative measures, while some charities focus on supporting the survivors in any way possible. 

At the heart of our wellness philosophy is pure quality and transparency. In the era of fast fashion, Amazon's endless marketplace, and questionable gas station CBD's, we are dedicated to providing quality, 100% organic, US grown and manufactured CBD. All of our cannabis is Certified Glyphosate Free. 



We are all about building each other up and creating a community of badass business building boss babes. Trust us when we say, you've freaking got this. Nuvita offers a way to create your own side hustle - and even turn it into your main hustle. Ready to join the Nuvita movement and BYOB (Be Your Own Boss)? Click the Join link in our Menu to become a Nuvita Brand Ambassador today. 


 Xx, The Nuvita Team