Nuvita CBD Affiliate Program


The Benefits



Working as a Nuvita CBD affiliate allows you to work as much or as little as you want to. Sell part-time, full-time or some of the time - it’s your choice! No clock to punch here.

cbd advocate


Most of our affiliates have had CBD touch their lives in an impactful way & are vocal advocates for clean, organic hemp oil and the normalization of cannabis consumption.

cbd affiliates


With over 1,000 affiliates, you are not alone! Get immediate access to tools, training and group forums to help support your business and expand your CBD knowledge.



Be a force for change! Our core “why” is to support the survivors of human trafficking. A percentage of the proceeds from each sale go to charitable organizations.

Nuvita CBD Affiliate

Our Affiliates

Nuvita affiliates come from all walks of life. Creatives, fitness instructors, gardeners, mom bloggers, interior decorators, alternative health advocates & more. Each affiliate has their own personal “why” for starting their business and personal development journey and Nuvita seeks to support them in their goals.

“Nuvita has helped me be able to invest in my business. This allows freedom in my life to create services for my clients. I love being able to give them solutions for their needs which also includes Nuvita Organic CBD oil.” - Serita V.
“Nuvita gave me the confidence to take my life into my own hands. It provided me with extra income and a starting point for leading a life by design.” - Katelyn M.
“Nuvita has helped me give the gift of bliss to the ones I love most. With Nuvita commission I've been able to keep my family fully stocked on almost all the CBD products,without paying out of pocket. I've also been able to give the CBD rollerball as a gift to a few loved ones. That never would have happened if I didn't have this extra amazing side hustle.” - Courtney H.


How To Join

Step 1:
Submit Your Affiliate Program Form

  • Following the link below, complete and submit your Affiliate Program Application
  • Before you purchase your kit, we want to learn a little bit more about you so we can provide the best support possible on your business building journey.

Step 2:
Purchase Your Enrollment Kit

  • Choose from one of 3 enrollment kits depending on your budget and needs.
  • Every kit includes: an online backoffice to manage your business, the Nuvita App for marketing and training material, and shareable-sized products to distribute and build your audience. Check out the details of each kit below!

Step 3:
Get to Know Nuvita

Online Product and Industry Training
  • On our Nuvita App, we host a library of affiliate training videos, including the basics of CBD and how to discuss it safely on social media.
Weekly Live Video Calls With Our Founder & CEO, Amanda Fata
  • Every Wednesday at noon EST, Amanda hosts an exclusive affiliate live where she shares details about upcoming company and affiliate events, offers an open Q&A for all attendees, and covers a wide range of educational topics.

Step 4:
Build Your Business

  • Share your unique code and shoppable link online
  • Answer your DMs or emails to provide product recommendations if needed
  • Send thank you’s for purchases (who doesn’t love customer service, right?)
  • Woohoo! Receive monthly commissions for customer orders and your OWN product orders!
  • Questions? Communicate with your team leader (the individual who referred you to the program) for any support or leadership along the way!



Enrollment Kits 

cbd affiliate kit 1

Just The Essentials Kit

  • 12 months of Nuvita App Lite Version
  • 12 months of Nuvita Backoffice Resources
  • 5 qty - 10ml bottle Full Spectrum CBD
  • 2 qty - 10ml bottle CBG Infused CBD
  • 2 qty - 10ml bottle CBN Infused CBD


cbd affiliate kit 2

Success Starter Kit

  • 4 months of Nuvita App Pro Version & 8 months of Nuvita App Lite Version
  • 12 months of Nuvita Backoffice Resources
  • Custom Nuvita Goal Setting Journal
  • 5 qty - Mailer Credits to Send Samples
  • 10 qty - 10ml bottle Full Spectrum CBD
  • 5 qty - 10ml bottle CBG Infused CBD
  • 5 qty - 10ml bottle CBN Infused CBD


cbd affiliate kit 3

Ultimate Ambassador Kit

  • 6 months of Nuvita App Pro Version & 6 months of Nuvita App Lite Version
  • 12 months of Nuvita Backoffice Resources
  • Custom Nuvita Goal Setting Journal
  • 20 qty - Mailer Credits to Send Samples
  • 30 qty - 10ml bottle Full Spectrum CBD
  • 20 qty - 10ml bottle CBG Infused CBD
  • 20 qty - 10ml bottle CBN Infused CBD



Ways To Earn


Pays To Grow Your Business

Nuvita offers 3 tiers of commission (20%, 25% or 30%) driven solely by your sales volume in a month. No other requirements or restrictions to move between the tiers.


Rewarded For Leadership & Advocacy

Earn extra cash bonuses when you refer a friend to the Nuvita affiliate program and sell an enrollment kit.

CBD Affiliate Program

Build Confidence and Skills

Master the art and science of social selling with on-demand training videos from social media and social selling expert Mariah Zingarelli.

Access to our in-house, board certified physician Dr. Mary, a published expert in CBD and cannabis medicine.

Private affiliate forums for networking, news and tips/tricks from the field.

The Nuvita Difference

We are committed to clean, organic, USA-grown hemp and full spectrum CBD products that deliver impactful results.

Our products are lab tested to the highest standards of purity and efficacy in the US. If we won’t take it, we won’t sell it.

Woman-owned, woman-led cannabis company. GRL PWR!

Advocacy for the plant & advocacy for the survivors. Our core “why” is to help the survivors of human trafficking by donating proceeds from every sale.

Nuvita CBD Affiliate Charity



Frequently Asked Questions

  • + How do I sign up to be an affiliate?
  • + How much does it cost to become an affiliate?
  • + Can I sign up to be an affiliate even if I am working with another direct sales company?
  • + Can I sign up as an affiliate if I live outside the United States?
  • + Do I have to have a sponsor or leader to join the affiliate program?
  • + Are you an MLM (multi-level marketing) company?
  • + Do affiliates have to pay any additional fees?
  • + Do I have to purchase or keep an inventory of products?
  • + Do I have to sell a certain amount each month?
  • + Are you accepting applications for paid affiliates or influencers?
  • + Do you use cookies to determine an affiliate sale?
  • + What if I decide being an affiliate isn’t right for me?
  • It’s really easy and quick. Complete a simple enrollment form, choose an enrollment kit to purchase, and you’re off! We’ll be in touch with a face-to-face onboarding meeting within your first week to get your started.

  • We have 3 enrollment kit options for new affiliates. $99, $299 and $1,249 kits. If you would like to forego the sharable product samples and just want the digital Business Tools to get started, we have an alternative $50 option as well.

  • You sure can! As long as the other company does not make or distribute CBD products, you are welcome to have as many side hustles as you like!

  • Yes! Please contact us if you are interested in joining our affiliate program. Due to each country’s regulatory position on CBD products, we will handle each request and guidance on a case by case basis.

  • Nope you don’t. If you have a referrer code to use at time of sign-up - great! Otherwise, anyone is free to join the program under our general ‘house’ account. While having an experienced CBD affiliate is super helpful, we’re not going to force anyone to join a “team”.

  • No, we are not. Nuvita is a direct selling company with a compensation plan that allows our leadership-driven reps to increase their earning potential through additional bonuses from their referral sales. This makes Nuvita extremely unique – whether you are a go-getter who strives to lead others and grow your business or someone who only wants to focus on sharing, our program welcomes you! While “MLM” programs require reps to have a team of downline reps to remain active, our program does not have any such requirements. We believe it is important to be flexible and give you every opportunity to build your business on your terms, so your earning potential is completely up to you!

  • Each year, affiliates will be required to pay a $50 Business Tools fee to remain active. The Business Tools fee covers the expense of the backoffice platform for managing your business as well as another 12-months of access to the Nuvita App Lite version for education, training and marketing resources.

  • Outside of the product included in your initial enrollment kit, no - you are not required to purchase products yourself or keep inventory to remain an active affiliate.

  • Yes. There is a $50 minimum “personal volume” each month required to remain active in the affiliate program. This can be achieved by either making a $50 product purchase for yourself, or by customer orders totaling $50 in product sales. Referring another affiliate to the program and selling an enrollment kit can also count towards your personal volume and help you maintain your $50 monthly minimum.

  • Terms for Influencers are handled on a case-by-case basis. 

  • No. You are given credit for your sale whenever an eligible purchase is made with your unique discount code in the cart, there is no time limit. As long as you are an active affiliate, you receive commissions on your eligible product sales.

  • That’s totally cool, we completely understand. You can let us know if the program is not right for you and we can archive your affiliate account and code. After 3 months of consecutive inactivity (no personal or customer sales totaling a minimum of $50), we will automatically archive your affiliate account and code as well. A new enrollment would be required to reactivate your affiliate status.