Which CBD is right for me?

We believe we have a product for everyone. Not sure where to start? We're here to help.

CBD - widest therapeutic range; may help reduce anxiety and enhance mood
CBN - may reduce inflammation and chronic pain, may help improve sleep quality
CBG - may help improve gut and skin health
THC-free - all of the benefits of CBD, without any THC. Perfect for those new to CBD or who have a no-tolerance drug test requirement.


only the best.

  • fast-acting
  • absorbed into bloodstream quickly


  • longer-lasting
  • tasty and convenient
  • discrete, can be taken on the go


  • natural experience
  • rapid-onset of effects
  • fast absorption
  • wider range of cannabinoid and terpene profiles


  • not absorbed into bloodstream
  • work locally on skin for targeted relief
  • may provide anti-inflammatory or discomfort relief


  • works similarly to cbd in humans!
  • absorbed through bloodstream
  • may support joint health, reduce anxiety or stress, promote relaxation, and support a healthy inflammatory response


start low, go slow

  • Begin with the lowest recommended serving and gradually increase, if needed.
  • CBD effects every individual differently. Give yourself time to assess its effects and adjust accordingly.
  • Remember, patience is key. CBD is not about an immediate fix, but finding a balance that works for your unique needs.
  • We encourage you to contact the affiliate you purchased from for further guidance on usage and serving size.