Welcome To The Nuvita Team:

Our mission here at NūVita is simple. When we are of service to others through offering a product so superior it challenges industry standards, success comes naturally. NūVita CBD sells itself by standing out from other competitors on the market through our transparency, purity, quality and the community of health conscious humans who are gathered here to serve the people.


We are so grateful, humbled & happy to have you all on this team and to take you along this amazing journey! This is such a unique and awesome experience and I’m sure we will all benefit and grow together through the power of plant healing! This packet is filled with useful information that will help you to be successful and step outside your comfort zone. Please take your time to read and reach out with any q’s!


core values:

1.Trust Through Transparency

When we can offer the industry a trustworthy product that’s backed by transparent, rigorous testing, we are aligned with our mission.

2. Community

Our community was born out of our desire to create a space where everyone who is interested in their health and the healing of others to connect, support and encourage one another.

3. Quality

Quality is one value that we will never compromise on. When we put a supplement in to our bodies, it’s very important that we lead by example on how to offer superior quality products. This is the best way to help people maximize their health.

4. Purity

We offer a product so pure that at NūVita, we feel safe suggesting it to those who are in chronic states of health. Here at NūVita we stand for trust through transparency, as well as quality and purity over profit. With those values, we can continue to cultivate this rapidly growing community of health conscious people who are truly gathered here to be of service to our fellow brothers and sisters.


about cbd: what's the difference?

full spectrum cbd

-- Widest therapeutic range

-- Shows promise in treating mood disorders and Depression

-- Reduces Inflammation

-- Studies show that a Full Spectrum formula is a powerful Anti-Convulsant

-- Our Full Spectrum is a great place to start if you are a new CBD user


cbg infused

-- Promising results for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

-- Incredible formula for Chronic Inflammation of any kind

-- Enhances Brain function

-- Superior Neuroprotectant

-- Acne spot treatment

-- Potent Anti-Bacterial


cbn infused

-- Our most coveted “sleep formula”

-- Amazing natural alternative pain reliever

-- Powerful anti-inflammatory properties

-- Great formulation for those suffering with high mood disorders



-- Our THC free formula is still our high quality CBD, we have just extracted the THC from the other terpenes and cannabinoids in our Full Spectrum

-- This formula is great for those who have a zero tolerance workplace

-- Wonderful formulation for topicals and serums


pet formula

-- Specifically formulated for animals (they have a slightly different endocannabinoid system than humans)

-- Helps with restlessness, irritability and seizures

-- Shows promise in reducing anxiety due to vet visits, car rides, fireworks and other loud erratic noises

-- Strong anti-inflammatory for dogs with chronic pain that need immediate relief

how much should I take?

Start low and go slow. We recommend starting at the 0.25 mL line on your dropper. Some individuals will work up to 1 full dropper per day - as needed. Each person is different, so take your time to find your own CBD sweet spot!

We've added serving charts to each product page. 

cannabis sativa plant:

The cannabis plant is part of a family called Cannabaceae and Genus Cannabis. It is made up of over 400 chemical compounds which make up a mixture of natural compounds that work together to balance each other. The plant contains biologically active compounds called phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. These chemical interact with our body and mind which produces certain effects.



 The term “cannabinoids” that we tend to hear the more frequently, is a more general term that refers to a group of chemical compounds that are usually made up of 21 carbon atoms in a three-ring structure. However when the prefix “phyto” is added, it specifically is referring to the cannabinoids that are found almost solely in the cannabis plant. The two main phytocannabinoids that are well known by most of us are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD).Other phytocannabinoids “minor cannabinoids” found in the cannabis plant include cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabicyclol (CBL), cannabidicarin (CBDV), and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). 


the hemp plant: 

Although Hemp and Marijuana both come from the Cannabis Sativa plant, they are two very different species of the plant. They both have genetics based on being different strains of the same plant, which also means that they are cultivated for different uses. Hemp is typically grown for agricultural products, such as textiles, seeds and oils. The plant itself can grow up to 20 feet high with long, sturdy stalks and skinny leaves. Hemp is around 20% CBD with less than 0.3% THC and is federally legal. It is non- psychoactive (won’t get you high) and does not give you euphoric effects. You can grow the hemp plant in most climates and can be grown with other plants, while requiring little care.


the marijuana plant: 

Contrary to the Hemp plant, the Marijuana plant is known for the flowering tops of the plant which are bred to have a high THC content for medicinal and recreational purposes. The plant itself only grows to about 5 feet tall with short and bushy, broad leaves. Marijuana is less than 10% CBD, can be anywhere from 5 - 35% THC and is federally controlled. It is psychoactive (will cause a high). Growth is carefully monitored, controlled in an isolated, warm, humid area to maximize psychoactive uses.


full spectrum cbd:

Full Spectrum CBD is the most natural form of CBD that you can find. It offers all of the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant from having all of the natural cannabinoids in it working together to form the “entourage effect”. The entourage effect means that the cannabinoids will work better together than when they are isolated from one another. The

synergy can enhance effects or modulate effects beneficially. The oil has to go through fewer processes to extract the oil and may contain trace amounts of THC, but not enough to get you high and highly unlikely that it would show up on any drug test.


broad spectrum cbd:

Broad Spectrum CBD is created by taking full spectrum extracts and further processing them to remove trace amounts of THC. It also contains the full health benefits of the “entourage effect” that the Full Spectrum CBD offers. Although there is still little research on this, many people have reported that Broad Spectrum or CBD Isolate do not work as well for them as the Full Spectrum CBD. This may be due to the fact that when the THC is removed, it is no longer a full cannabinoid profile working together. The missing THC component, although extremely small to begin with, may cause the extract to not work as well with your Endocannabinoid System



extraction methods: 


Although many manufacturers use this process due to its high yield process, this is the least healthy way to extract cannabinoids from hemp. Butane is also

extremely explosive which makes this process very difficult and dangerous. The end product from butane extraction is often called full spectrum but at best it is an incomplete product. Here at NūVita, we will never use this form of processing because we hold the health of our team and customers to a very high standard.


Is a very reliable solvent but also HIGHLY flammable. Ethanol extractions use polar solvents that easily mix and dissolve water soluble molecules. This

process gives the end result a more bitter flavor and more unpalatable flavor which is why we do not use this method, ever. 


CO2 extraction is the gold standard for CBD. During the process CO2 is blasted through a section of plant material leaving behind zero chemical residue. The primary advantage of this process is that it can be fine-tuned to extract specific compounds by adjusting the pressure or heat. This process is very expensive yet is the safest for the environment, consumer and producer. Here at NūVita we only use CO2 extraction because we understand the importance of protecting the earth as well as the producers and consumers. Health is always our number one goal.


Decarboxylation is a process in which low heat is applied to the plant matter overtime before the extraction process occurs. This invokes a reaction within the plant matter which helps the plant to drop it’s carbon atom and as a result, CO2 is released. For example, if we are looking at cannabinoid CBDA when it’s “decarbed”, it removes the acidic “A” from the end of CBDA, resulting in the cannabinoid CBD. This process is preferably done before the CO2 process occurs, as it removes moisture from the plant. This in turn creates a higher yield, as it makes the cannabinoids easier to separate from the plant matter. This is how our CBD is treated! Only the best for you and our customers!



cbd benefits - healing with cbd:

The figure to the right is an excellent start for getting to know your phytocannabinoids and the benefits associated with them. It’s important to note that there is more research being done and more discoveries surrounding the Cannabis Plant every single day. Along with all of the benefits listed, CBD has been proven to help with a variety of disorders and diseases. Although I will not go in to all of them, I have listed some below. I encourage you to all do your own research! Remember, we should never be making medical claims. We are only here to share what findings we have come across and answer in the most educated way. Under no means should you ever say that CBD is a cure for anything or make any medical claims!

**If someone has a serious medical condition and is asking you for advice on CBD. Make sure to tell them that there has been research found but they should consult their doctor before trying anything. DO NOT MAKE ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS!


conditions cbd may help:


Addiction, Opiate

Attention Deficit Disorder (+ ADHD)

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Alzheimer’s Disease

Anxiety Disorders

Appetite Loss


Blood Clots


Cardiovascular Disease


Dermatitis, Atopic



Eye Disorders



Headaches and Migraines

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Macular Degeneration


Migraine Headache

Multiple Sclerosis

Nausea and Vomiting

Opiate Addiction

Panic Attack

Post Traumatic Stess Disorder

Premenstrual Syndrome


Skin Conditions


Thyroid Disorder

Ulcerative Colitis

**Again, there is still limited research on the possible benefits for many of these conditions. This means that it may have worked for some people but not as well or not at all for others. It depends on the person, the amount of CBD they’re taking, and the type of extract.



spreading the word - marketing:

Our goal for those of you who are working with NūVita CBD is for you to benefit from sharing the product and understand what it takes to do so.

NūVita is a direct sales company that takes great pride in educating and encouraging our team members to do their best every day because we know when we are of service to you, we will naturally be successful. Together we can move mountains!



First and foremost, those marketing for NūVita must be educated on the product, CBD, and be able to answer questions from a place of knowledge and confidence. Along with reading this packet, we encourage you to do your own research and continue to ask your Team Leader any questions that you have. At the end of this packet there are some websites, books, podcasts, and other resources that will help you to gain more knowledge and understanding of CBD.



It takes some time for people to get interested in any product and the same goes for CBD. Being consistent with sharing and using the product are KEY to drawing people in and spreading the word. The more they see you using it, the more they will be interest in the product itself. Think of it like planting seeds. It may take some time to start seeing profit from your efforts, but it will come if you stay consistent and continue to spread the word, along with taking the initiative to learn on your own.



People can feel when you are coming from a place of confidence, or lack of. Even if you don’t know the answer to something, saying “I’m not sure, let me check that and get back to you” is a better answer than giving them advice that might not be true, or just saying “I don’t know” or ignoring them. It shows people that you have every incentive to answer their questions to the best of your knowledge and to be of service to them. Being confident when discussing the product and confidently answering others’ questions, whether or not you know the answer at that exact time, will build yourself a reputation and people will have more trust in you.


organic & authentic - not pitchy:

Your audience wants to see you incorporating NūVita CBD into your daily life (online and offline). They want to see you believing in the company and the product.

If you are using it for a headache one day, let your audience know, if you’re using for anxiety, let them know and describe how it makes you feel. Show them that you use CBD every day and what health benefits it is offering to your daily life.



When you are of service to other people, success comes to you, and that is why we center our company around giving back. We have all had someone that has helped us in some point of our life, advance. Here at NūVita, we want to link arms together and help each other advance through being of service to others.




ways to earn - social media: 

Since you are all part of the team, you should have your affiliate code set up and ready for you to go! If there are any issues with this, please contact info@nuvitacbd.com. We encourage you to save your original link to your affiliate dashboard in a place where it can be easily accessed. We recommend to share your code consistently but in a natural and organic way that fits you. Weave it in when you are talking about the product, CBD, or the company. Share on your posts! Have your affiliate link right in your bio so that people can easily access it. If you have the “swipe up” option on your stories, make sure to utilize it!


word of mouth:

Your friends, family, co-workers, friends of friends, even acquaintances or random people you meet, are all people that you have the opportunity to talk about NūVita CBD with! Take advantage of those opportunities and plant as many seeds as you can. Those who are truly seeking alternatives for their health will remember what you say to them so make sure you are confident, educated and a positive role model! It’s always good to have some of the product on you for when you’re talking about it with others and they ask to try or see it. Everyone likes to hear, see, touch, taste, and smell things (they’re our five senses for a reason) because it helps us to understand what we are being presented. Usually, people are willing to try something new when they are able to physically touch, taste it, smell it, etc. You are also welcome to order in bulk if you have your own business or store that you would like to sell NūVita products in! This also includes if you ever want to do vendor tables, pop-ups, or anything else that requires more than a few bottles at a time. Please email amanda@nuvitacbd.com for any bulk order inquiries or requests. Your team leader should be there to help you with marketing materials and how to spread the word. Please reach out if you do not currently have a team leader and would like more guidance along your journey with NūVita.



If you have a website of your own and would like to share about NūVita CBD on it, feel free to do so! We are currently working on Creatives for Ads and you will be notified as soon as those are put up!


building your own team - signing people up:

In your dashboard, you should see a tab called “Your Network”. If you click on that, you will see an “Invite Link” right at the top of the page. That is the link that you can share to have people sign up as an affiliate as a member of your team. Although it is not mandatory, we highly recommend and encourage those that are asking people to sign up under them to take the initiative to be a team leader to those people. You should have basic CBD knowledge and understanding and be confident and active about your role as a leader. If you have your own Team Leader to go to for guidance, it is encouraged to reach out to them for guidance or any questions that you might have. You have every incentive to help your team to accomplish their goals and you can do that by being available to them for any questions and sharing your knowledge with them. Again, when we are of service to others, success comes naturally!


educate yourself:

Although this is already outlined in your “Tools for Success”, we expect those who are taking leadership roles to really know their stuff or know where to go if there are questions they can’t answer. It’s very important that everyone gets the knowledge and guidance that they need! Thats why we are always here to help. 


hold yourself accountable:

Again, there is no requirement to build a team of your own, but you have every incentive to do so! You earn 5% from every sale of those that sign up directly under you. Then you have the ability to earn 3% from every sale of those signing up under them. After that, you earn 1% off of the people under them. This direct sales funnel gives everyone a chance to show initiative, work hard, and create a life by design! We like to refer to this as effort driven success. What you put into educating yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone to learn and grow is a direct result of your ability to achieve your goals.


meet with your team leader: 

Your Team Lead is there to answer all of your questions, offer support, facilitate connections, and guide you on your journey if you choose to build a team of your own. Please reach out if you originally signed up under Amanda but would like more guidance from one of our current team leaders. Amanda will only be sending out periodic newsletters and once a month Webinars.


responsibility as a leader:

If you choose to take on the roll of a team leader, you will be responsible for getting the right information and tools to aid your team in their journey to success. Along with answering questions and keeping your team up to date on important information, you should be there for support and guidance. If you are comfortable, offer one-on-one video or phone calls with your team members and set up periodic meetings for them to ask questions. Currently, most are using Zoom for scheduling and having meetings with their teams. We encourage leaders to send out weekly emails to keep your teams up to date with new products, CBD success stories, or just information about team meetings and upcoming schedules. Meetings can also be for announcements, educations, and Q&A.


responsibility as a team member:

As a member of a team, your responsibility is to communicate with your leader and with the other members of your team. You will benefit from reaching out to your leader and to others and continue to hold yourself accountable to learning and doing the best that you can to make the most out of this amazing opportunity!


We encourage you to create some sort of team chat group for your team members to connect with you and with each other and ask questions in a group setting. Since this is a virtual team for most, it is really important to keep communicating with your leader and team members! Most of our team leaders use WhatsApp to create chat groups for their team. The group chats should be for Nuvita affiliates ONLY and should never be shared with anyone outside of the company. If you follow the Tools For Success and continue to learn and to put the work in, you will see results! Be patient and continue working towards your goals. 



helpful resources:


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed http://petmd.com/

trails.gov https://www.green-flower.com/




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