Sharing Starter Kit

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  • Full Spectrum Tincture (30ml)


  • 1 qty - CBN Sample Vial Carton
  • 1 qty - CBD Sample Vial Carton
  • 1 qty - CBG Sample Vial Carton


  • 12 months of Nuvita Backoffice Resources (Business Tools Kit)

*Note: Sample cartons include five 1ml vials of oil

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Powell
Best decision I ever made

I bought this kit to try the CBD because I already had been taking the CBN and CBG. I also loved that it had lots of samples so I could share with others who want to try the products. I take all 3 tinctures now daily and I’ve seen a huge change in my chronic pain, my IBS-D and my anxiety.

Amazing Daily Life & Sleep

I ordered this to try the CBN. I've had CBD before and it helped with headaches. The CBN is a game changer for sleep though. I have slept so good for 5 days using it. I wake up without pain, jaw pain is gone. I love it. I'm looking forward to ordering more soon.

Game changer

I recently purchased the Nuvita Sharing Starter Kit in order to try a little bit of everything. The CBN is a game changer in my sleep routine. When I consistently use it I fall asleep faster and sleep more sound without waking up groggy. The CBG has been great at easing tummy troubles, and as someone who struggles with gut health issues that’s always a plus. Lastly the CBD full spectrum has promoted relaxation and a sense of ease overall. Im using these products daily and if I miss a day because I left the products at home then I definitely notice a difference. I would recommend these 3 products to anyone and can’t wait to purchase more!

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